Trendy Wool Socks

The coziest, warmest and softest wool socks ever

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Made from ecological wool

This high quality wool has been developed sustainably, with respect for the animals.

Guaranteed 100% non-prickly

Soxs do not itch, even after washing (30⁰ Celsius).


The trendy socks can be worn in shoes or for a ski trip and are also great to wear around the house.


The delightful, fancy wool socks from are very addictive!

SOXS, the warmest gift on the planet

The warmest gift on the planet earth. Not only because our wool socks are so wonderfully warm, but especially because is the story of love and warmth. The story of Davide, and her grandma. Grandma, who like any grandmother does, knitted wool socks for her grandchildren, Soscha and Davide. Warm, strong and made with a touch of love. The beginning of is an unexpected and emotional encounter between Soscha and her mother with the socks of granny and Davide. Socks with a story, a story of love and warmth.

SOXS wool socks? Say bye to cold feet!

Those sheep knew what they are doing because wool is perfect for retaining heat. With wool socks, you keep your feet warm and toasty. Never cold feet again, is not that a wonderful thought? Our soft wool socks are ideal for at home during your Netflix and Chill sessions, for that walk outside in the forest and they are supportive to get that well-deserved good night’s sleep!

Cool down with SOXS!

Do you know what is really awesome about wool socks? It also has a cooling effect! Because wool has temperature-regulating and moisturizing capabilities. So, no more sweaty or hot feet during summer. With SOXS your feet stay comfortable and fresh, wherever you and your SOXS go.

No itching, moisturizing and elastic!

The combination of traditional New Zealand sheep wool and modern technology has enabled us to create a wool sock that does not itch. Something to make many grandmothers envious! And while Soxs will keep your feet endlessly warm, they breathe and regulate moisture. This makes them ideal for those who suffer from sweaty feet. You can wear SOXS as slippers on the couch, but they can also be used as ski socks. Or you can be hip and have them stick out the top of your shoes or boots.

SOXS are elastic, which means they retain their fit without slipping down your legs. Even after they have been washed. Wait a minute… washed? That’s right, you can throw your SOXS in the washing machine (at 30⁰ Celsius)! Be aware, we always advise washing the SOXS by hand. Read more about the washing instructions here.

Not just for yourself, give SOXS as a gift! warm wool socks are of course great for your feet, but what could be nicer than to give a little warmth and love as a present? Have you, for example, already become acquainted with our special combi packs? If you want to, we even can wrap it festively accompanied by a handwritten card! Together we make a unique and heartwarming gift! Share warmth and love and give your loved ones the warmest gift on this planet!

Personalized SOXS as a sustainable promotional gift

Are you searching for a warm, fair and sustainable corporate gift? SOXS offers you to personalize your SOXS! For example, you can add your company name at our label or design your own box. It is perfect as a promotional product for your event or as a business gift for your relationship or employees. SOXS are produced in a sustainable way with respect for human and animal. Read here more about the personalized warm wool socks of SOXS!

Wool socks from SOXS are honest!

Did you know that SOXS were developed in accordance with the IWTO principles? That means they are 100% natural, reusable and sustainable. The ecological New Zealand wool is obtained in a very animal-friendly manner: the sheep are treated with care and love. After that, SOXS.CO ensures that all manufacturing processes are completely honest. This means we pay proper wages and have normal working hours, and we never use child labor. Almost the entire manufacturing process takes place in Europe. The finishing touch even takes place in the Netherlands.

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Please contact our customer service. A team of experts is at your service and would love to answer all your questions. SOXS are made with just as much love as the socks your grandmother used to knit for you, except ours do not itch. That is because of the super soft wool from New Zealand sheep. Soxs are wonderfully warm, all natural, and manufactured sustainable with respect for the animals.

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