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Trendy Sheep Wool Socks


SOXS has developed into a trendy brand with many fans in a very short time. SOXS produces and sells warm woolen items made from New Zealand organic sheep wool. The well-being of humans and animals is right at the top of the agenda at SOXS. All involved items from the attractive gift are assembled in a socially responsible manner, here in Europe.

The sheep that supply the wool for SOXS are shorn in an animal-friendly manner. Likewise, we involve people furthest from the labor market in the manufacture of the socks. Do you want to know more about it? Read more about our entrepreneurship here. We would like to briefly introduce you to how you can use SOXS’S woolen items as an appealing (company) gift with a personalized message. An honest, warming and sustainable company gift.


SOXS offers three different sock lengths: These are the HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW versions. The HIGH model goes up to the knee, MEDIUM is a calf sock and the LOW model is a short sock. Both for women (shoe sizes 36 to 41) and for men (shoe sizes 42 to 46) the socks are made as one size.


Our wool socks are delivered in the standard packaging with a SOXS greeting card.

Personalized packaging

The packaging can be adapted to your corporate identity. On the one hand, you can deliver the artwork for your packaging yourself. And if desired, your logo can be integrated into the design of the standard packaging.

Personalized label

Personalized label

The SOXS items are delivered in standard packaging. The customer’s logo is printed on the label so that it can be seen on the outside of the sock edge. When the sock cuff is turned up, the SOXS logo is visible. In this way, both brands can reinforce each other. In addition, the color of the LABEL can be selected according to the customer’s style.

Totally personalized

Totally personalized

The packaging as well as the label and the card are designed in the style of the project. When the sock is turned over, the SOXS logo is visible, so both brands reinforce each other. The color selection of the labels is flexible.