Looking for a lovely long and warm scarf? Then the woollen scarfs from SOXS are for you! The woollen scarfs for men and women are of a large size, so you can wrap yourself up nice and warm this winter. Both scarfs are knitted from our soft wool and come in dark grey. They are easy to combine with any winter outfit due to its calmly look. After all, a colourful scarf is quite present and especially a thick one! Thanks to the isolating qualities of wool, it retains heat effectively, allowing you to enjoy the pleasant warmth. Lovely during a long walk in the woods, a day in town or when cycling to work. The trendy woollen scarves from SOXS come with our Black Patriot and Aspen White labels and are delightfully long! Perfect for wrapping yourself up warm. This winter’s warmest woollen scarves for men and women can be found at


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