With the baby wool socks from SOXS you protect your little boy or girl in any weather! Our wool cools in the warm months and warms on cold days. Choose for safe and secure with your little darling in the big wild world! We give a 100% itch-free guarantee for our wonderfully soft baby wool socks. Because of the special wool we have developed, the socks are itch-free. Your baby can fall asleep while counting sheep! In addition, each pair of baby socks is supplemented with a bottle of anti-slip gel. You can use it to paint your own unique anti-slip creation on the soles of your feet. Because of the elasticity of our wool, our socks grow with your baby. That is why the real baby socks from SOXS are a practical, but above all unique gift for the birth of a baby!


Fresh & Friendly

Say goodbye to itchy wool socks!