The story of

When Sosha and her mother discovered the socks, they paused. Sosha looked at her mother. “Grandma’s sheep’s wool socks … Davide’s socks …”

Grandma’s sheep’s wool socks

This is the story of It all started years ago with my grandmother, who like all other grandmothers, knitted socks. Sheep wool socks. Strong, warm, and practical. For at home on the couch. Grandma knitted socks and the grandchildren wore them. Grandma died, the socks stayed. Davide and her sister Soscha wore Grandma’s sheep’s wool socks until they were completely worn out.

Years later, Soscha and her mother discovered the socks. Grandmother’s sheep’s wool socks and Davide’s socks, who had recently passed away. In 24 years she lived a whole life, she lived for three lifes. Her life full with warmth and love.

This is the beginning of A company story that emerged from the unexpected encounter with grandma’s socks and Davide’s socks. The memory, the warmth, and the love that Sosha and her mother felt when they held the socks in their hands for the first time. Shortly afterwards they placed their first production order and put a label on the socks:

It didn’t take long before the unexpected and emotional encounter with Grandma and Davide’s socks played a key role. Wool socks with a story, a story of warmth and love. And you can feel the warmth and love when you take the wool socks from out of the packaging and let them slide gently over your feet. That makes a gesture of love. The warmest Gift you can give.