SOXS Grey Wool socks Unconditional Label Medium antislip

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Product description

Unconditional warmth and grip: these are the beige anti-slip socks with Unconditional label from SOXS. Enjoy your yoga session without worrying about sliding. With the non-slip layer under these wool socks you maintain the grip and stability on the mat. Due to the neutral colors, these socks go with almost any outfit and are also wonderfully warm in the winter. Wear them at home or during a yoga class and feel the comfort that the medium-length socks offer your tender feet!

Guaranteed 100% itch free!

Fresh & Friendly

Say goodbye to itchy wool!

No more itchy feeling when wearing SOXS. By combining traditional New Zealand sheep's wool and modern technology, we have developed a wool fiber that does not itch. In addition the woolen items from SOXS are wonderfully elastic. This guarantees long-term fit and prevents it from wearing out. Some grandmothers would envy us this result!

Absolutely itch free!