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Normally during this time of the year, the youngsters will go out for spring break, but they also had to stay home and swap this for a staycation. Due to the quarantine situation around the world, everyone has to stay home. Or at least, it would be wise to do. During this stressful situation, we encounter limitations every day. We would like you to watch this situation from a positive perspective. Therefore we made a list of things to do when bored. Continue reading to discover 14 awesome ideas for staycation or your current #stayathome situation, to feel more blessed…

But on the other hand, we urge you to look at this from a positive perspective:

  • You have less stress driving to the job, if you work from home.
  • You spend more tome with your precious family.

We live in the 21st century, and thanks to digitalization, we can go online shopping. We have SOXS online shop working 24/7 as well. Nowadays we can order almost everything we need online any day of the week and any time of the day. Yes, the delivery time may be longer now, so you should start planning ahead of time.

Moreover, the technologies are so advanced that we can have a video chat with friends or family members around the world without physical traveling. So you’re actually not limited if you have access to a computer with a camera and internet! But you are here to read what to do with your precious time and what activities to plan with your kids and family at home. We share these 14 awesome ideas of staycation so that you can enjoy, feel blessed and less stressed!

Here you will find more things to do when bored!

1. Learn new things.

In most countries, kids are now studying online. But what about their parents? Online courses are already available for more than 20 years now. You can invest your time in the knowledge that you can get online.

What do you want to learn? There are many online courses starting from cooking and crafting to learning languages or musical instruments, programming, etc. So find the course you like and go for it!

2. Spa day at home

2. Spa day at home

This is a perfect way to relieve stress! Order all the things you need for the spa online – candles, bubbles, Epsom salt, face, and hair masks. You can have some wine while relaxing in the bath tube and listen to music or read a book.

After the spa treatments wrap yourself in a cozy bathrobe and put on the SOXS to keep your feet warm and happy.

This is a perfect way to relieve stress! Order all the things you need for the spa online – candles, bubbles, Epsom salt, face, and hair masks. You can have some wine while relaxing in the bath tube and listen to music or read a book.

After the spa treatments wrap yourself in a cozy bathrobe and put on the SOXS to keep your feet warm and happy.

3. Workout at home

3. Workout at home

You don’t need gear to have a basic workout at home. Use bottled water (or toilet paper rolls for kids!) as small weights.

Find instructions online and devote your time to your body – prepare for the summer! Workouts will also help to reset your mind and you can do it together with your family.

4. Visit online exhibitions

Use Google Arts & Culture to visit The National Gallery in London, Versailles gardens, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Museum of Modern Art in New York, or The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Such an awesome possibility to see the masterpieces around the world in your SOXS without leaving your couch!

5. Plan the future and set a bucket list

How do you plan to spend the next year? What are you going to do when staycation ends? How can you be more prepared for the same situation in the future?

Answer these questions and have a discussion with your family members. Create a list of things you need to focus on your attention.

6. Movies and TV series

6. Movies and TV series

Discuss with your family which movies everyone wants to see and set a schedule for a week or two. If it is one of the latest Netflix series – go for it. Or maybe it’s an old good movie you want to watch again?

We recommend choosing positive movies with a happy ending! Don’t choose the zombie and apocalyptic scenarios if one of your family members feels depressed or afraid.

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7. Sleep

7. Sleep

More sleep will get you more energy and better immunity. However, we don’t think it is a good idea to sleep all day long. But if you always have a lack of sleep, it’s time to get some rest and help the immune system.

You can choose Sleep Well SOXS to improve your rest during the night.

8. Plan the pantry with kids and cook the frozen meals

After stocking your pantry with staples and frozen products, it’s time to practice your skills of turning frozen meals into restaurant dishes! You can also find restaurant copy-cat recipes online and learn how to use spices and dried herbs for cooking.

Involve your kids in the process too! Tell them how to plan the pantry and turn it into the game. Let your kids draw the products that they want to have in the pantry and ask what they can cook with them. Your kids will help a lot in the future! Don’t forget to discuss with kids – why it’s bad to stock only chips, candies, and soft drinks.

9. Meditate and do yoga

Another way to reset your mind and learn your body. Invest the time in the health of your body and mind! By the way, SOXS wool grip socks can help you safely enjoy yoga at home.


10. Solve the puzzle

A lovely family game invented by John Spilsbury in the 1760s that you can order online now. If you are solving a big puzzle on the floor, keep your feet cozy and warm in SOXS.

11. Science experiments with kids

There are many recipes and online tutorials for kid-friendly science experiments using household stuff. It’s a great way to spend quality time with kids and learn scientific concepts at home just in socks. But don’t forget about safety measures!

Here are just a few of the experiments you can make at home:

  • Make a volcano, using soda, vinegar and glitter.
  • Build a parachute for a light toy, using a plastic bag.
  • Build a tall tower using plastic cups and sheets of paper or spaghetti and marshmallow.
  • Create a static electricity, shuffling the carpet in socks or rubbing the balloon on clothing.
  • Dissolve the shell of the egg simply by putting it in the bowl with vinegar.

12. Declutter and spring cleaning

Just get rid of unnecessary things and dust. Especially, when you work from home, you need to clean the home office area to get less distracted and more productive. When you spend more time at home, you realize that you don’t need as many things. Also, you have more time to reach the areas that are rarely touched and may have more dust.

Involve your family members in spring cleaning and organization. Don’t forget to clean your closets and refrigerators as well. Check our Pinterest wardrobe organization board that might help!

13. Make a bird feeder

13. Make a bird feeder

A nice craft idea for dad and son to spend time together. You can use plastic bottles or wood materials and find the instructions online. Girls can be involved by drawing decorations on the bird feeder.

14. Have a date night at home

14. Have a date night at home

Check our post about 14 Valentine’s date night ideas at home. Romantic dates need to happen more often, so spend more time together during staycation!

Hope you’ve found something interesting for you and your family! How do you spend your family time during the quarantine? Share more ideas about staycation and tag us on Instagram @soxs.co or share this post on Facebook!

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