SOXS Soap Flakes Rosemary large 25 washes


Product description

One of the great advantages of wool is that it is self-cleaning and does not need to be washed often. But if your socks do get a little dirty and you want to make sure your SOXS stay in top shape for a long time? Then a good hand wash once in a while will do wonders!

With the SOXS soap flakes, you have a gentle detergent, with which you can clean your wool products well and wash them responsibly. The soap flakes are natural, 100% biodegradable, protect your skin and are easy to use. Make sure the water you use is not too hot and add a tablespoon of soap flakes. Then wash carefully and let your SOXS dry for a while. It’s child’s play!

Aqua | Glycerine | Sodium Hydroxide | Sustainable Sodium Palmate | Rosemarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract | Sodium Cocoate

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Guaranteed 100% itch free!

Fresh & Friendly

Say goodbye to itchy wool!

No more itchy feeling when wearing SOXS. By combining traditional New Zealand sheep's wool and modern technology, we have developed a wool fiber that does not itch. In addition the woolen items from SOXS are wonderfully elastic. This guarantees long-term fit and prevents it from wearing out. Some grandmothers would envy us this result!

Absolutely itch free!