** Last February 2022, our brave colleague traveled to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees thanks to our action “SOXS in UKRAINE” **

Ukraine is no unknown territory for Margriet. The factory where SOXS are made is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, not far from the border with Ukraine. “From Lithuania we have often traveled to Kiev and Odessa. Ukraine is a beautiful country with very nice people”.


It was the reason for the SOXS team to start a fundraising campaign to ask friends, family and relations for a contribution. We raised €8,000 in 3 days to purchase products on location and brought 500 pairs of socks to hand out.


This time, Margriet’s final destination is Krakow in Poland, less than 200 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. A stream of refugees from Kiev and Lviv arrive here every day. Mothers with children, the elderly. They sleep at the station or on camp beds in large halls. They rushed out of their house, with only a few personal items in a bag. The rest they left behind. After a long, overwhelming and cold journey they reach the border with Poland. “Every day new refugees arrive in Krakow. People are supposed to travel on, but many don’t want that. They want to stay close to home so that as soon as the war is over, they can return immediately.”


Via via, Margriet has contact with a Dutch volunteer who helps hand out fruit in Krakow. “He does that in a tent of a church organization. Many refugees also find shelter and a hot meal here. The first few days I helped him cut fruit, but I soon felt that I can do more for these people.”

Margriet goes to the station where a large group of women with children are also staying: “They all sleep close together, the children wrapped in their mom’s thick coat. So harrowing to see. I went to a group and asked: “What do you need?” It turned out that these were mainly personal care products: sanitary towels, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc. And so I bought those. 

From that moment on she stands in the same tent every day at a table filled with care products and toys for the children. Women point out what they need and get that with them. Every day Margriet goes shopping again. “I always tried to have enough, but one time there was a fight over a bar of soap. I hated that and it really affected me, but I do get it.

These people find themselves in a situation that is unknown to us. This is what war does.”

Margriet is back in the Netherlands. But at SOXS they are far from done with collecting for Ukraine.

We immediately started working on a new initiative and then Margriet will go back to Krakow on May 6th! “That way we can be sure that it will go straight to the people who need it so much.”

Do you want to contribute? Then please support us by purchasing our Ukrainian SOXS! This way you know where your support ends up and we can keep you informed about the journey!

With love,