Bed socks

Do you often suffer from cold feet in bed? Then you should try the wool bed socks for men and women from SOXS! Now you will probably wonder: What is the difference between “normal” socks and special sleeping socks from SOXS?”.

The wool bed socks from SOXare made from a specially developed wool with less compression. The wool is made of extra soft material, which makes them very comfortable and warm. In addition, less compression ensures that the blood flow is stimulated. This keeps your feet nice and warm throughout the night. But more importantly, this does not impede the blood circulation! Often “normal” socks always pinch a bit. This actually has the opposite effect, meaning that you will continue to suffer from cold feet in bed. No matter how thick your bed socks are!

The sleeping socks from SOXregulate the body temperature. This way you can enjoy warm feet in bed, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep. They also stay warm during the night, so you won’t wake up during your sleep. Isn’t that fantastic? After all, a good night’s sleep makes everyone happier! So, get a good night’s sleep with the bed socks for women and men from SOXS. Sleep Well!


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