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White woolen leg warmers 80s for winter |
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White woolen leg warmers 80s for winter | SOXS.coBlack wool socks | White wool socks | Winter socks | SOXS.cowool winter leg warmers for women | long leg warmers for boots |



The 80s legwarmers are hot again! These beautiful white woolen leg warmers are a real must-have for your winter wardrobe. Amazingly warm, soft and the perfect protection against the cold winter weather!


The legwarmers from are carried out in a one size fits all. 

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White woolen leg warmers for winter!

New in our winter collection are these cool 80s leg warmers! These warm white woolen leg warmers are knitted from 60% eco-wool and 40% polyamide. SOXkeep their good fit and have a long lifespan due to the polyamide within our SOXS. Our winter leg warmers for women are available in Off White, Grey and Dark Grey. Which knitted leg warmer is your favourite?


The 80s legwarmers are back on the streets

The trendy leg warmer is back from the 80s and totally hot again! In the past, ballerinas had traditionally taken to wearing leg warmers to keep their legs from getting cramped. Finally, the leg warmers become a real rage when teenagers starting to see them as a trendy fashion item. Nowadays the 80s legwarmers are re-emerged on the streets and hotter than ever!


How to wear knitted leg warmers?

Legwarmers are a perfect solution when you really want to wear a dress, but it’s freezing cold outside. Just slide them over your leggings for an extra warm layer! Besides that, you can wear these white woolen leg warmers with pumps or sneakers as well. In case you want to wear high boots, just pull your legwarmers a bit over the border of your boots for a fancy look! Check this out for more fashion tips.


The winter legwarmers from SOXis the perfect winter gift

SOXis a gift with a warming story. A symbol of warmth and love. With this in mind, isn’t it beautiful to gift white wool leg warmers with a heartwarming story to your friends during winter? We can wrap your gift nicely and accompany it with a handwritten card. So don’t forget to write a lovely message to the person you want to surprise with extra warmth and love this winter!


Keep your lower legs warm with the warm leg warmers from!

Besides the fact that these knee-high leg warmers for women are trendy are they lovely warm too! Leg warmers keep your lower legs warm in cold winter weather, because of the insulating capacities of wool. Besides that, SOXare elastic as well. Therefore, the legwarmers don’t pinch and maintain good blood circulation. Protect your lower leg against the cold winter days with these white wool leg warmers!


How do I wash these white woolen leg warmers?

The best is to wash these grey leg warmers for women by hand. But SOXare suitable for the washing machine as well. In that case, always use a wool wash programme (30°C) with just a tiny bit of gentle laundry detergent. And did you know that wool is hygienic as well? Due to the lanolin in the fibres of the wool, is the wool antibacterial and dirt resistant. Read more tips about how to wash wool here



Did you know that SOXdevelops their wool winter legwarmers according to the guidelines of the IWTO? In other words, this means that SOXare reusable, sustainable and animal-friendly. We manufacture SOXin a socially responsible way with respect for human, animal and planet. Curious? Read more here!


These winter essentials are a must-have in your winter wardrobe!

Keep yourself warm this winter with SOXS. An essential apparel accessory for your winter wardrobe is a wool scarf. Classic and lovely warm! Besides that, you stay even warmer this winter with our wool mittens. After all, nothing is more annoying than freezing cold hands! Besides that, make sure your head and ears are happy and warm too. So don’t forget to check out our oversized wool beanie!


Please contact our customer service. A team of experts is at your service and would love to answer all your questions. SOXS are made with just as much love as the socks your grandmother used to knit for you, except ours do not itch. That is because of the super soft wool from New Zealand sheep. Soxs are wonderfully warm, all natural, and manufactured sustainable with respect for the animals.

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