Our story

Welcome to the club!

Firstly, we are happy to welcome you to SOXS! And there you have it, wool sock doesn’t have such a bad image at all. You don’t have to be a country boy, beard bearer, old hippie, quinoa chewer or sandal runner to wear wool socks.

Within a short period, SOXS.co developed into a hip brand with a lot of addicts. We produce warm, super soft wool socks made of ‘ecological wool’ from New Zealand sheep. Instead of the traditional wool socks, our socks are not itchy and are very elastic. Besides that, they are clearly more millennium fashion-proof due to the higher quality, modern knit and hip colored labels!

The story of SOXS started years ago. With granny who knitted socks for her grandchildren. Wool socks. They are strong, warm and have a practical use. Davide and Socha used the socks every moment. When they were hanging on the couch, strolling through the house or during the cold winter days outside. Their small buddies. They still wore the socks after grandmother died. Davide and her sister Soscha wore the wool socks until they were completely unbearable.

Years later, Soscha and her mother find those old wool socks again. The wool socks of their grandmother and the socks of Davide, who died shortly before. In her 24 years, she has lived a lifetime, she lived for three, full of warmth and love.

It is the beginning of SOXS, that unexpected encounter, with the socks of granny and the socks of Davide. The memory, the warmth and the love that Soscha and her mother felt when they took the socks in their hands for the first time again.

That’s the story of SOXS. This is our message. Socks with a story, a story of warmth and love. And you can feel it at the moment you remove the wrapping and gently slide the SOXS over your feet. That’s the reason that SOXS.co is a gesture of love. The most beautiful gift you can give.


So that your warmth will never be forgotten <3





Please contact our customer service. A team of experts is at your service and would love to answer all your questions. SOXS are made with just as much love as the socks your grandmother used to knit for you, except ours do not itch. That is because of the super soft wool from New Zealand sheep. Soxs are wonderfully warm, all natural, and manufactured sustainable with respect for the animals.

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