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wool socks in a luxury packaging | The warmest gift you ever can give |
Ankle socks made of grey wool | Women Socks |
wool socks in a luxury packaging | The warmest gift you ever can give | SOXS.coAnkle socks made of grey wool | Women Socks |



Isn’t she sweet? Your most favourite label is now available as a medium SOXS too! These trendy wool socks are perfect to wear with your boots. For a sweet and soft touch to your outfit.


The SOXS with Bubblegum label is available in the sizes 34-36, 37-41 and 42-45.


SOXS consists of 60% wool and 60% polyamide.

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We have carried out our SOXS in three different models: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW. We carry out our HIGH model as a knee sock, our MEDIUM sock has the length of a normal sock and our LOW model is an ankle sock. For both women (37-41) and men (42-46), most of our socks we carry out in a one size fits all model!


Your natural buddies!

Nature has a solution for everything! In the light of that is wool one of those beautiful natural products! Wool has been valued for centuries as one of the most effective protection against heat and cold. Due to the insulating effect of the wool, keep these SOXS your feet cool in the summer and warm and toasty during winter! As a result, never cold feet again. Isn’t that a pleasant thought?


Not only for yourself, give SOXS as a present! are lovely for your own feet of course, but what could be better than giving a little warmth and love as a present. SOXS symbolizes warmth and love and with that in mind is SOXS the warmest gift you can give! Thus, don’t keep SOXS only for yourself and give some warmth and love to your loved ones! Did you already have become acquainted with our duo-packs or our cute wool socks for babies? The SOXS you will give as a present will be wrapped nicely and festive. On top of that, your gift will be accompanied by a handwritten card!


No itching, moisture-regulating and elastic!

No itchy socks anymore! Through a combination of traditional New-Zealand sheep’s wool and modern technology, we developed a wool sock that is not itchy. On top of that, are SOXS elastic and have a long-lasting fit. This will prevent that your SOXS will slip down. A result that many grandmothers would envy!

Despite that SOXS provide an infinite amount of warmth to your feet, does our special developed wool also have great breathability and moisture-regulating capabilities! This makes SOXS a great solution to prevent smelly and sweaty feet! Therefore are SOXS ideal for outdoor activities! Most noteworthy is that SOXS treat you with a healthy and deep sleep!


SOXS are honest!

Did you know that SOXS have been developed according to the principles of the IWTO? In other words, our SOXS are reusable and sustainable. We obtain our eco-wool from New Zealand sheep in an utmost animal-friendly manner. We treat our sheep with love and with respect for their welfare. This thought will give you an extra warm feeling! In addition, we produce in a socially responsible manner and contribute in our way to a better society for everyone. That is not b-a-a-a-a-d! Do you want to know more about our honest SOXS? We love to tell you everything about our way of corporate social responsibility and the production of our wool socks!


Please contact our customer service. A team of experts is at your service and would love to answer all your questions. SOXS are made with just as much love as the socks your grandmother used to knit for you, except ours do not itch. That is because of the super soft wool from New Zealand sheep. Soxs are wonderfully warm, all natural, and manufactured sustainable with respect for the animals.

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