SOXS Grey Men Wool Socks Weimaraner Green Label Medium

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Incredibly warm and comfy wool socks.

Weimaraner socks for real dog lovers!

One-size-fits-almost-all-gents in sizes 42-46.

Product description

The woolen men’s socks with Weimaraner label are very affectionate and devoted to their owner! These grey ‘coated’ DOXS have a strong desire to stay close to your feet and with their protective drift, they will react strongly against cold weather! Our smart Weims keep your feet warm and comfy, thanks to the excellent insulating capacities of our high-quality wool. And did you know that these SOXS adapt easily to any situation? The material of our wool socks is highly breathable, antibacterial and keeps the moist out. Thus even when it’s hot, your toes and feet stay comfy, fresh, and dry. Our Weimaraner socks will be soon the best new buddies for your feet!

SOXS wool socks are knitted from 60% high-quality sheep wool from New Zealand and 40% elastic Polyamide. These wool socks for women come in one-size-fits-almost-all-gents in sizes 42-46.

Produced in an egologically responsible way

Made of high quality wool

Socks with your favourite dog: the Weimaraner!

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The best way to wash the SOXS is by hand. The simplest thing is a washing machine with a wool washing program and wool detergent. Wash at a maximum of 30°C and centrifuge at a maximum of 600 revolutions per minute. Important note: Do not put the SOXS in the dryer!



Pleasantly soft and loving

We've always had a good relationship with our four-legged friends and now you can look a bit like your furry friend! With the new Dogs labels from SOXS we pay a tribute to our favorite pet. Just as warm and soft as your Snoopie Dog's furry coat.