SOXS Dark grey Wool Women socks Splendid Scarlet Label High


Available in sizes 34-36, 37-41 and 42-46!

100% itch free wear comfort!

Incredibly warm and comfy wool socks.

Product description

New this season are the long wool socks with the Splendid Scarlet label! These dark wool socks for women are a must-have for this winter. The dark gray sock looks chic with any outfit and pops out with the Scarlet label. Great to wear as a warm house sock and even for when you are exercising! Due to the moisture-wicking function of the wool, you will not suffer from wet feet during intensive activity. Moreover, this ensures that you do not get bad odors at your feet. Ideal for people who quickly suffer from sweaty feet!

SOXS wool socks are knitted from 60% high-quality sheep wool from New Zealand and 40% elastic Polyamide.

100% Made in Europe

Produced in an ecologically responsible way

Breathable due to the high quality structure

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The best way to wash the SOXS is by hand. The simplest thing is a washing machine with a wool washing program and wool detergent. Wash at a maximum of 30°C and centrifuge at a maximum of 600 revolutions per minute. Important note: Do not put the SOXS in the dryer!

Guaranteed 100% itch free!

Fresh & Friendly

Say goodbye to itchy wool!

No more itchy feeling when wearing SOXS. By combining traditional New Zealand sheep's wool and modern technology, we have developed a wool fiber that does not itch. In addition the woolen items from SOXS are wonderfully elastic. This guarantees long-term fit and prevents it from wearing out. Some grandmothers would envy us this result!

Absolutely itch free!