14 awesome ideas for staycation or stayathome | Blog

Normally during this time of the year, the youngsters will go out for spring break, but they also had to stay home and swap this for a staycation. Due to the quarantine situation around the world, everyone has to stay home. Or at least, it would be wise to do. During this stressful situation, we […]

Have you planned your Valentine’s day already? It is the time of the year to celebrate love and the precious time spent together. Love to spend quality time together with your beloved one at home during Valentine’s day? We have collected 14 Valentine’s date night ideas at home for you! Be ready to switch off […]

If you are looking for a warm gift for your beloved ones, you definitely should try SOXS ! It may sound boring, a pair of wool socks, but SOXS are very addictive and worn almost daily by most of our fans during the cold winter days. It is a brilliant gift for your active friend or family […]

Not all our wool socks come with that grippy non-slip on the bottom. But no worries, you can add it yourself! You can make your own grip socks by applying our slip-resistant sock stop. The wear-resistant non-slip liquid is packaged in a handy bottle from which you can apply the liquid directly on the sole […]

We love winter, do you? It is a perfect time to stay together with your family, watch the snow falling outside and hear the wind blowing through the streets while making it yourself comfortable with our wool socks at home to enjoy the evening together. A popular way to create a warm and cosy vibe […]


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