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SOXS.CO has succeeded in producing a woollen sock that has many advantages to the traditional goat's woollen socks as we know it. First of all, the Soxs look amazing and hip, with their great fit and striking coloured labels. But they are not just beautiful: the super soft wool from New Zealand sheep is also produced sustainably with respect for the animals. It is called ‘ecological wool’. That means these woollen socks were created responsibly, so you do not have to feel ‘sheepish’ about buying them.

While the wool is from New Zealand, the material is processed into socks in Europe. The finishing touch, the traditional hand-labelling on the final product, is done in the Netherlands. Reliable and close to home.


You shouldn't be!

All right, we know: when you mention woollen socks, most people only think about the itchiness. But from now on that is a thing of the past! SOXS.CO guarantees a 100% non-prickly sock. So many advantages in just one sock, and the price will not irritate you either.

And those endless sweaty feet? We've dealt with those as well. Soxs breathe and regulate moisture, which makes them ideal for people who suffer from overly sweaty feet.

Now, you may be thinking: ‘Sure, they are nice enough, but how would I wear these Soxs?’ No need for panic, we are way ahead of you. Because Soxs tightly fit your feet, you can easily wear them in your shoes (or boots). The trendy design makes the whole thing look fashionable, too. Would you rather wear them as ski socks? No problem, they are more than suited to that purpose. Not to mention, Soxs are your most reliable buddies to wear as slippers around the house or when chilling on the couch. It is impossible to have cold feet while wearing them!

One Size fits all!

Soxs are elastic, fit perfectly around your feet and accommodate every size.

Is that all? No, we have more to tell you. After all, we have not talked about the ideal fit yet. Soxs fit nicely and snugly around your feet while retaining their elasticity, which prevents them from slipping down your legs. And another cool thing: contrary to most other woollen socks, Soxs can be washed in the washing machine (at 30⁰ Celsius.) How great is that? All this guarantees that Soxs will become your best buddies. And once you put them on, you will never want to take them off again.

Try them yourself!

Hjælp eller rådgivning?

Kontakt venligst vores kundeservice. Et team af specialister er klar til at besvare alle dine spørgsmål med kærlighed. I Soxs er der ligeså meget kærlighed, som i de bløde sokker din bedstemor strikkede til dig. Sokkerne kradser aldrig. Det skyldes den super bløde uld, der kommer fra New Zealandske får. Soxs er vidunderligt varme, helt naturlige og bæredygtigt produceret med respekt for dyrene.

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