Within a short period developed into a hip brand with a lot of addicts. We produce warm, super soft woollen socks made of wool from New Zealand sheep. We care about the wellbeing of animals and people, so we have chosen to integrate social responsibility into our business model. The wool we use for SOXS is obtained through a responsible way with respect for the animals. It is called ‘ecological wool’, so you do not have to feel ‘sheepish’ about buying them.

While the wool is from New Zealand, the material is processed into socks in Europe. The finishing touch, the traditional hand-labelling on the final product, is done in the Netherlands. Reliable and close to home. We also think it is our responsibility to give everyone a opportunity. In this process we involve people with distance to the labour market. And we must say, we are enormously proud at our crew! With their energy, love and happiness they made SOXS into the success it is today.

Are you interested in our SOXS, but you prefer a personal and unique touch for your employees, clients or event? We have some options for you. Let’s start with the socks!


We have three different models: high, medium and low. The high model is knee height, the medium model has the length of a normal sock and the low model is an ankle sock. Each model, both ladies (3,5 – 7,5 UK) and gentlemen (7.5 – 12.5 UK), are one size fits all.


After you decide which SOXS you want, it is time to personalize your gift. You can design your unique personal card, box or label.

  • SPEC1: Standard Label and Box, provided with personalized card

The SOXS are delivered in the standard box with a standard label and is provided with your personalized A5 or A6 card. This gives you the opportunity to give a heart-warming message to your employees or clients. | Hippe wollen sokken | Zakelijke mogelijkheden

  • SPEC2: Standard Box with personalized Label

The SOXS are delivered in a standard box. Your personalized logo on the label is carried out on the outside of the SOXS. If it is turned over, the logo is visible. You can choose from multiple colour labels so you can match it with your desired style. | Hippe wollen sokken | Zakelijke mogelijkheden

  • SPEC3: Personalized Box with standard Label

Be creative, free and customize your own box! This gives you the possibility to create a unique box in your desired style. Use your logo, a beautiful picture or anything you like. The SOXS are provided with a standard label. | Hippe wollen sokken | Zakelijke mogelijkheden

  • SPEC4: Personalized Box with personalized Label

Total experience. Make a special present for all the volunteers at your event, employees or clients! You can customize the box and the label in the style you prefer. The logo on the label will be carried out on the outside of the SOXS. | Hippe wollen sokken | Zakelijke mogelijkheden


Curious about the possibilities or do you have any other questions? Just send us a message! Together we can make a lovely product!



Hjælp eller rådgivning?

Kontakt venligst vores kundeservice. Et team af specialister er klar til at besvare alle dine spørgsmål med kærlighed. I Soxs er der ligeså meget kærlighed, som i de bløde sokker din bedstemor strikkede til dig. Sokkerne kradser aldrig. Det skyldes den super bløde uld, der kommer fra New Zealandske får. Soxs er vidunderligt varme, helt naturlige og bæredygtigt produceret med respekt for dyrene.

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